The Highlights of Under the Lights!

By Gia Bharadwaj and Ryan Fantasia 

Under the Lights 2022, as always, was jam-packed with many exciting sports events and activities for everyone to enjoy. The pep rally included a strong cheer performance from Class VII, who earned a victory over Class VIII (sorry, seniors). Later, Winsor students celebrated numerous victories against their sports opponents. Here’s a recap of some UTL highlights for those who missed them!

Though Mid 1 Soccer lost their game against Lexington Christian Academy 2–1, the team viewed this defeat as a victory because they scored their first goal of the season. Other students in the Winsor community, including four Mid 2 and three JV Soccer members, joined Mid 1 Soccer in the game. This collaboration demonstrated the strong sense of schoolwide sportsmanship fostered during UTL. Avery Fantasia ’29, a member of Mid 2 Soccer, showed her support for this team, saying that “I felt really proud of my classmates. A goal for Mid 1 Soccer is a win for everyone!” 

Meanwhile, Mid 2 Soccer’s 3-1 defeat of Buckingham Browne & Nichols brought Fantasia’s school spirit to a peak. “Winning that game reminded me why I love Winsor and UTL so much,” she said.

Upper School secured several victories; Varsity Field Hockey secured a major victory against Lexington Christian Academy with a score of 10–0. Ariana Rowe ’24, one of the players, called it “our best of the season.” She added that “the huge win was amazing, but I mostly appreciated the sense of love and support from everyone on the team.” Lily Rose-Pepin ’27, who shouted support from the sidelines, echoed this sentiment. “I could see how much the team cared about each other, not just the sport,” she said. “I’m really glad I watched the game.”

Though Julia Reynolds ’25 did not have a Varsity Cross Country meet on UTL, she tried to watch as many games as possible to make up for it. “Most of the teams that I watched won,” she said, adding that “I had a lot of fun cheering Winsor on as loud as I could.” In addition to watching Varsity Volleyball defeat Winsor rival Dana Hall 3–1, Reynolds also showed up to encourage JV Soccer and JV Field Hockey. “It was a lot of running around to try and give some support to every team… I wish I could have watched every game for a little bit longer, but it would’ve been impossible. I definitely feel like I missed some key moments.” However, Reynolds considers the night a success, and she is grateful she got to watch as many of the games as she could.

Ultimately, UTL is more than an evening of fun, good-natured competition; it is a chance for Winsor students to display their everlasting sportsmanship and sense of community. Every student contributes to the spirited atmosphere, whether on the sidelines or the field, and everyone leaves excited for the guaranteed joy that next year will bring as well.