Day in the Life of Student-Athlete Emeline Daley

By Ryan Fantasia and Meg Madison

Winsor students all know how difficult it can be to manage and complete the rigorous workload of the school. Student-athletes, in particular, have to manage hours of intense training for their sports, both in and out of school, along with their demanding school schedules. We sat down with a member of the crew team, Emeline Daley ’24, who walked us through her daily schedule as a student-athlete. 

Daley is a dedicated and accomplished athlete. She rowed in the nationals-winning Winsor 4 boat and also helped the team achieve an impressive 8th-place finish at the Head of the Charles this fall. On top of her athletic achievements, Daley maintains a good standing in the classroom and is able to manage all of her commitments. How does she do it all? 

Daley told us that she wakes up at 7 am every morning, with the occasional 6 am wake-up time if she wants to finish some homework or go for a run before school. Once at school, Daley has a lifting routine that she executes during any free she might have that day. Additionally, she is able to work with Mr. Newell, the Head Athletic Trainer, once a week to complete an injury prevention training regimen. Both of these activities help Daley maintain and improve her fitness before she gets on the bus at around 2:50 pm to go to practice. However, these training regimens do have an impact on her ability to get her school work done during the school day. 

Since crew practice often runs until 5:45 pm, Daley has to manage her time well while doing homework. After getting home from practice, she tries to get most of her homework done before her tutoring sessions twice a week for one hour each at 8 pm. By 9:30 pm, she is able to complete all of her work and is typically in bed by 10 pm. A bedtime of 10 pm is a lot earlier than many Winsor Upper School students. When asked about this choice, Daley commented, “Sleep has always been a priority to me because I need to be well-rested in order to push myself academically and athletically each day.” 

Going to practice, finishing homework, and getting to bed early is no easy feat and we applaud Emeline for her ability to manage it all and even doing so with a smile on her face. We wish her the best of luck this year and thank her for giving us a glimpse into her busy life as a student-athlete.