Another Successful Admissions Season

By Jaya Kolluri

What grade are you in? Do you play sports? What was the transition from your old school to Winsor like? What do you like about Winsor? These are some of the questions that Winsor’s admissions ambassadors have spent the last few months answering for prospective students. 

As the first semester came to a close, so did Winsor’s admissions season for the 2023-2024 school year. Upper school admissions ambassadors had the opportunity to reflect on why they chose Winsor and to share their experiences with potential applicants. Leading tour groups of three to ten people, they highlighted some of the key aspects of both our community and campus.   

According to Ms. McFarland, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, prospective students are “drawn to Winsor because we offer the highest caliber academic program with plentiful opportunities in the arts and athletics.” Winsor has also held numerous online student panels, such as Winsor Wednesdays, to answer questions on topics like academics, sports, and clubs. Ms. McFarland also noted that “Once students engage with us, tour the campus, and attend our virtual programs, they learn that what sets Winsor apart is the extent to which we empower and develop future leaders, honor and elevate student’s voice, and encourage and support each other each step of the way!” The combination of in-person tours and online panels provided a unique opportunity for prospective students to connect with Winsor students and learn more about the community.  

Beyond providing important information about the school, Winsor’s admissions ambassadors are both engaging and enthusiastic as they share their personal experiences and offer their own insights. When asked why she decided to become an admissions ambassador for Winsor, Camille Eckert ’24 said, “I chose to be an admissions ambassador because I vividly remember the student who gave me a tour when I was applying, and her enthusiasm and love for Winsor really showed during those 45 minutes. I wanted to pass this on, and I also enjoy meeting new people, so an admissions ambassador position was a perfect choice!” Similar to Eckert’s experience, Ms. McFarland agrees that Winsor “is the perfect match for a student looking for an urban experience, academic challenge, inspiring peer and faculty relationships, and the opportunity to explore their passions!”

Overall, Winsor’s admissions season has been a success once again. Through student-led tours and panels, prospective students have a myriad of opportunities to learn more about Winsor and to gain a full understanding of what the school has to offer them. Winsor admissions ambassadors are eager to return to work in the fall and hopefully even recognize a few familiar faces from last year!