Hot Interviews: Winsor Varsity Ice Hockey’s Palentines

By Clara Eikeboom and Natalie Pan

One can spread a lot of things: yucky germs, delicious jam, scorching rumors… the list goes on. But after a long pandemic and a busy fall semester, it seems that Winsor is ready to #spreadthelove. On February 13, many people celebrate Palentine’s Day, a holiday dedicated to appreciating platonic loved ones. Thus, we decided to interview both Lower School and Upper School members of the Varsity Ice Hockey Team, asking them, “Who is your special palentine this year?”

Alessa: “I choose Talia to be my palentine because she is the greatest hockey buddy and goalie ever.”

The second-most iconic duo on the team. 

Talia: Declined to comment. (But we think our star goalie has a thing with the net.) 

Sonia: “Nobody.” Edit: “Ruth because she is an amazing person.”

A bag of Ruth.

Ruth: “My cousin because I’m excited to go on a trip with her to San Francisco this summer.” 

Irene: “My dog Lily because she is old now.” Edit: “Wait, change that to ‘because she just turned 7.’”

Lily thinks age is just a number.

Sophia: “Irene because she can score goals from the ground.”

Fiona: “Not Irene because she stole my applesauce.” 

Niko: “Taylor Swift because I love her. Also because she can’t drive, and I can.” 

Leila: “My sister because she’s going to college.”

Ally: “My boyfriend because he’s my boyfriend.”

Lucky mystery man.

Meredith: “Myself.” 

Maddie: “WVH cuz I love the team so much!” 

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…

Natalie: “Just as skate blades cut through ice, I’d like to cut to the chase: Clara is, and will forever be, my palentine. The number 12 never held true meaning until it blessed my eyes from the back of her jersey. At practice, she is always the red jersey (ketchup) to my yellow jersey (mustard). Close-minded individuals who only recognize seven wonders of the world have clearly never seen one of Clara’s infamous slapshots fall bar down into the back of the net… the same way I’d like to fall into her arms.”

Clara: “Natalie is my palentine because she is as perfect as sourdough bread. She is fierce and honest, like a nice, crispy, crackly crust. But when you bite in, sourdough is soft and warm and feels like home. Natalie is just like sourdough; she is caring and funny and makes me smile. Nobody can set off the smoke alarm while making chocolate chip pancakes or bless my ears with singing like Natalie can. On the ice, Natalie’s backhand shots amaze everyone, including the opposing goalie, as it flies into the net, and it is always an honor to be checked or shoved into the boards by Natalie in practice.”

The most iconic duo on the team.


This is so cute – just that one note about the “edit” part (: – Ivy