Valentine’s Day Hot Takes

Valentine’s Day is easily the most divisive day of February. While it’s fun if you have a significant other to celebrate with, the holiday can also be viewed as a ploy by candy companies to make a quick buck. But what does the Winsor community have to say? We conducted a very scientific study to see what people at Winsor think: is Valentine’s Day a day to embrace romance and friendshipor a meaningless candy corporation money grab?

Paulina Gutierrez ’25: I think it’s both. 

Laura Massimo ’24: Meaningless. Appreciate your friends and family every day. Put more effort into stuff like birthdays and anniversaries rather than Valentine’s Day. 

Julia Reynolds ’25: Call me a pessimist, but I despise Valentine’s Day…it is disgusting. I do not want to see pictures of you and your god-awful partner on Instagram. Like, no! You’re cringey, you’re ugly…The only good thing about it is buying the chocolates at CVS after Valentine’s Day’s over because then they’re on sale…it’s so superficial; no one actually cares! I don’t care! I hate Valentine’s Day!

Lyanne Luu ’25: I think it’s sweet, but it definitely makes more money [thank is important]… I like Valentine’s Day!

Lizzy Fitzpatrick ’25: Valentine’s has always been big in my family. We do Galentine’s with my sisters, and then we always have heart-shaped pancakes, and my parents always get us Valentine’s gifts.

Nora Furlong ’25: I like it because at stores they always have special Valentine’s Day sections, and that’s great for me because I really like pink. 

Anita Rodriguez ’25: It is kind of, like, stupid, but I enjoy the candy, and I’m a hopeless romantic. I think it’s cute overall. 

Mr. Murdock: I would prefer to use it for pious reflection on the life of St. Valentine. I think it’s kind of a scam, a present and candy scam that comes too quickly after other holidays… I think it is a waste of time invented by companies. The only good thing about it is buying chocolate… [Alternatively,] Valentine’s Day might be the most important holiday of the year, and we could really use a week off…