Correction for Senior Parking Article

By the Editors

In The Banner’s November issue, there was an Opinions article about senior parking written by Grace DeStefano. Some of the information presented in this article was incorrect, and the Editors would like to clarify a couple of key points below.

Each semester, there are around 15 available student parking spaces in the lot next to the athletic fields. (This number depends on the number of remaining parking spaces available after the faculty and staff are provided parking.) With the high demand for these spaces among students, faculty, and staff alike, there are never any extra, unassigned parking spaces.

Senior Accountant Mr. Thompson and his team always try their best to grant each senior applicant parking for at least one semester. If there are 30 applicants for the 15 student spaces, then each applicant will only get parking for one semester. Unfortunately, if there are more applicants than spaces, then a lottery is performed; students who are not chosen through this lottery system will be put on a waiting list. In recent years, there have been enough spaces for each applicant to have parking for at least one semester. However, these numbers can certainly change.

A student parking application form is published online in WILD for the rising Class VII students around the first week of May. One of the questions on this form is: “If you could only park for one semester, which semester would it be?” Approximately 75% of the applicants choose the fall semester as their preferred semester. In 2022, for instance, 23 applicants chose the fall semester and 7 applicants chose the spring semester. Thus, eight students who chose the fall semester as their first choice were moved, via the lottery system, to spring parking. While all applicants did end up receiving parking, many did not get their preferred semester.

The Banner would like to thank Mr. Thompson for his help in publishing this correction. We would also like to thank DeStefano for writing the original article, as senior parking is a topic important to many students and community members. 

If you have any further questions about senior parking, please reach out to Mr. Thompson via email at or drop by the Business Office to see him.