Squash Recap

By Christina Gabrieli, Caitlin Wang, and Serena Toscani

Ranked sixth in the nation and first in Massachusetts, the Winsor Squash Team is constantly setting new records and raising the bar. The Banner was excited to have the opportunity to ask the team a few questions about how the season has been going.

The team has displayed an impressive, undefeated score in all of the seven matches they’ve played so far. To start off the season, the team played against competitive schools like Middlesex, Portsmouth Abbey, and Newton Country Day, and they won each match with a score of 7-0. They also beat Phillips Academy, Andover and Milton Academy, teams that are nationally ranked eighth and twelve place, respectively.

The Banner first asked a few athletes what their favorite part of being on the team is. Co-captain Sora Karanja ’23 commented, “My favorite part of being on the squash team is the super competitive yet friendly environment. Everyone is always trying their hardest, and I think that the team’s success this season can be credited to each person’s dedication to the sport.” Kate Drachman ’25 said, “I really love the great team spirit we have! We are all so close and supportive of each other and have so much fun together throughout the season.” Judy Liu ’29 added, “My favorite part of being on the team is definitely my teammates. We have a great energy, and everyone is really inclusive and funny.”

Although most varsity sports are exclusively for Upper School students, Varsity Squash is open to students from Class II to Class VIII. When asked about the unique experience of being a Lower School student on a varsity team, Liu said, “It’s great being a Lower Schooler on Varsity; it just means you get more experience sooner!”

  “A highlight of this season for me,” Karanja said, “was really getting to know everyone on the team. We have such a diverse group of players from all different grades, and it has been super fun to make connections with people who I might not have had the opportunity to meet outside of the squash team!” Drachman noted that hers was “Senior Day, because it was so much fun to celebrate the seniors and decorate the courts.” She was also particularly happy about the “great turnout of fans.” Liu said, “The highlight of this season for me so far was our match against Andover. We all crushed it and had lots of fun in the process!” When asked about her goals for the team moving forward, Karanja said, “Being a part of a really talented and committed team is so much fun because we can set ambitious goals and actually have the opportunity to achieve them! One main goal I have for our varsity team is to place in the top 5 at Division 1 Nationals this year. Last year, we placed 6th; however, I think that we have a really good shot at making top 5 this time around. This achievement would be even more special since it is Lily’s and my last time competing at high school nationals!” Drachman also stated that a team goal of hers “is to keep having a really fun and successful season.”

Still in the midst of their season, the Winsor Squash Team has many challenging matches to look forward to, including the coveted US Nationals in Philadelphia. The Squash team would greatly appreciate any support; make sure to come to the New England Championships at Deerfield Academy on February 18 and 19!