Club Spotlight: TEDxWinsor

By Ainsley Wang

TEDxWinsor: a new Winsor club that is launching for the very first time this semester! Though students may be familiar with the concept of a TED Talk, a beloved classroom educational resource, they may be wondering what exactly a TEDx club  is. 

In recent years, TEDx clubs have become increasingly popular platforms that aim to promote the values and ideas of TEDx, a global community for sharing innovative and thought-provoking ideas. TEDx clubs provide students with the space to share their own ideas and connect with like-minded individuals through organizing and hosting TEDx events. Members of these clubs gain valuable skills in public speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving, and become part of a community of individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world. 

In other words, in these clubs, students are the ones who will be giving the TED talks!

At Winsor, TEDx heads and sisters Caroline Bae ‘24 and Julia Bae ‘25, along with their club members, are currently brainstorming a theme for this year’s TEDxWinsor event. Other recent club activities have included analyzing TED Talks for effective presentation and communication tactics and discussing the power of humor and visuals to convey information. For the next few meetings, TEDx members will be brainstorming ideas for specific talks that they would be passionate about sharing with the community. 

At the end of the year, the TEDx club plans to host an event where students, faculty, and other outside speakers will share TED-style Talks to the Winsor community. To select students, the club is planning on hosting a competition. That’s right – you could possibly be giving a TED Talk! 

The mission of the TEDx club is not only to amplify student and faculty voices, but also to cultivate a sense of belonging and purpose within the school. According to the Bae sisters, “Oftentimes, we feel that members of the Winsor community have really insightful ideas and opinions that others just don’t know about, so kind of bridging this gap is another one of our main goals.”

So, whether you’re interested in being the one on stage or the one in the audience, make sure to check out the TEDxWinsor club!