Artist of the Issue: A Conversation with SAFA

By, Elly P. ’21

The Student Association of Fine Arts (SAFA) is a student organization that encourages involvement in the arts, ranging from the visual to the performing to the literary, at Winsor. SAFA hosts events for both the artistically inclined and inexperienced throughout the school year. One such event is SLAMP, an open-mic night that gives students a platform to express themselves through music, poetry, prose, and more. This year’s fall SLAMP will be held on November 16 at 6:30pm in the Black Box Theater. SAFA has also hosted pumpkin painting, visits from guest artists, and a splatter painting competition so far this year. The following questions were answered by SAFA heads Kaylee Chang ’19, Becca Lin ’19, and Hannah Park ’19.


What does SAFA do in club meetings?

It depends on what SAFA activities are coming up. In past meetings, we planned activities SAFA would be hosting and have talked about our favorite artists or art pieces. We’re currently planning SLAMP for November 16th, and we’re planning to buy coloring books for some fun meetings!


What are some of SAFA’s goals this year?

This year, SAFA is trying especially hard to make art more accessible to the Upper School. Not a lot of people knew about SAFA last year, so we’re trying to increase the club’s presence in the community. We’ve already run two new activities this year, and we’re excited for more!


What is your favorite thing about SAFA?

My favorite thing about SAFA is how the club allows a group of students to come together thanks to a mutual interest in art and how the club has no artistic expectations. SAFA isn’t exclusive to only “artists” or students who are “good at art” – it’s open to everyone.


To someone unsure about joining the club, what would you say?

You should definitely come to our lunch meetings, especially if you’re interested in helping to plan the activities SAFA has been running and the edition of Lamp that we’re publishing in the spring. You don’t have to have experience with art to join the club. We’re open to lots of new ideas and we’d love to have your input.