Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts: The Final Showdown

By, Avery G. ’21 and Danya D-C. ’20

In the history of the world, there have been many great debates: the pronunciation of caramel, iPhone vs. Android, whether the dress is blue and black or gold and white. These debates force us to reflect deeply on our values. They may even tear apart friendships. But no matter how divisive these disputes are, there has been no debate more heated, more controversial than Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks.


We wanted to end this controversy once and for all, so we set out to interview Winsor students about their positions. With both stores within walking distance of the school, we were sure we would find strong opinions. Boy, were we right! By analyzing rigorous criteria spanning between atmosphere, character, food, and beverages, we have obtained the official and ultimate rundown on these two enemy stores.

Meet Maggie Furlong ’20, future Starbucks CEO and Patriots cheerleader:


Q: First off, what is your go-to order?


A: It depends on my mood. If I’m really tired and it’s just a normal school day, I’d probably get a venti iced latte, but if I’m feeling spontaneous I’ll get caramel macchiato. If it’s after practice I’ll get a mocha frappuccino or a salted caramel mocha frappuccino, and sometimes on Friday when I’m really tired I’ll get a vanilla sweet cream cold brew cause it has a little extra caffeine and its really good. Always a venti, except for frappuccinos.


Q: What do you get for frappuccinos?


A: A grande because a venti would hurt my tummy.


Q: How loyal of a customer would you consider yourself to Starbucks? Have you always been loyal to Starbucks?  If not, what prompted you to cross over to the other side?


A: I’ve been loyal to Starbucks since sixth grade because my mom started giving me coffee in sixth grade because I didn’t sleep very much. I was really tired and grumpy in the morning, so you gotta do what you gotta do. If it’s my choice, it’s always Starbucks.


Q: What aspects of the experience at Starbucks are better than those at Dunkin’?


A: Well it tastes better. It doesn’t taste like dirt. That’s really a nice thing. And the app just makes it so convenient. I know Dunkin’ has an app, but, like, no. And then I like how the drinks don’t just taste like weird sugar, they just actually taste like something. And yeah, the people tend to be friendly. And everyone at all the Starbucks knows me. And they know my drinks.


Q: How do you justify paying, on average, $1.00 more per cup of coffee than at Dunkin’?


A: I think it’s like $2.50 more. But anyways — it just tastes so much better. Dunkin’ is more of a waste of money than buying an expensive coffee because I don’t like it that much, you know?


Q: Do you have any other thoughts that you want to share on the subject?


A: My goal in life is to be a higher-up in their business just ‘cause I love their company. I research it and love what they stand for. And also I really recommend the sugar cookies. They look kinda weird, but they’re really good. I had the raccoon one the other day… so cute!


On the other side is Dunkin’ aficionado and absolute queen, Anna Rose Read ’19:


Q: First off, what is your go-to order?


A: Iced coffee with cream and sugar. My go to snick-snack is a chocolate glazed donut and a bacon egg and cheese on a plain bagel.


Q: How loyal of a customer would you consider yourself to Dunkin’? Why? Have you always been loyal to Dunkin’?  If not, what prompted you to cross over to the other side?


A: So loyal, oh my god. I dedicate my life to Dunkin’ Donuts. I go every single day at least once. I have been loyal for two or three years now. Apparently I used to go every single day when I was little, and they used to give me free munchkins because I was a cute baby. I tried the Starbucks lifestyle, and I realized that Starbucks life is for posers. Their iced coffee is bad, overpriced, and it’s just obnoxious. The whole concept of Starbucks is obnoxious. And annoying.


Q: What aspects of the experience at Dunkin’ are better than those at Starbucks?


A: Just, like, everything. I feel my true Boston heritage is honored. I walk in, and I just feel at home no matter which Dunkin’ Donuts it is.


Q: How do you justify the lack of high quality specialty drinks at Dunkin’? Doesn’t Starbucks have a better selection than Dunkin’ does?


A: Yeah, but they are over priced, and they taste like chemicals.


Q: Are there any advantages Starbucks has over Dunkin’?


A: The increased amount of things they sell is nice. But when it comes down to being a real person who wants a coffee, Starbucks can’t give that to you.


Q: Do you have any other thoughts that you want to share on the subject?


A: *breathes in aggressively* I don’t actually judge people who go to Starbucks, and I understand it’s the norm, and I accept you for who you are. I just don’t support that choice. I’m not actually that judgemental.


So there you have it. As for which one is better? I guess you’ll just have to argue it out yourself.