Leaked Holiday Wish Lists

This year, the editors of the Back Page discovered a leaked copy of Winsor’s holiday wish lists:

Teresa L. ’19: for Belmont Hill to do their work

Ellisya L. ’19: 5 minutes of free time

Katie T. ’19: Asian media representation 

Sam G.’19: not to be the only senior on the squash team

Julie W. ’19: for the class of 2019 to come together as one

Lia K. ’19: respect for immigrant workers in the restaurant industry

Izzy T.’19: a Winsor roller derby team

Sophia B. ’19: a parking space 

Qirrat A. ’19: for people to follow her Spotify playlist (it’s edgy, yet relatable)

Ms. P.: Affection™

Ms. Y.: the varsity field hockey team’s uniforms

Mr. B.: to grapple with diverse and challenging perspectives

Ms. G.: for the seniors to be smarter when they break the rules

Ms. H. and Ms. P.: for the Back Page editors to vet their articles

Mr. W.: Winsor Chess Club

Varsity Swimming: ≥ 5 non-parent fans at a meet

Varsity Squash: an end to the “Butternut Squash” cheer 

Varsity Basketball: for people to stop roasting Ballfam

Curling: Recognition™ 

Crew: an invite to the Winter Sports Banquet

Kristie Rae Gillooly: Anonymity™ 

Winsor Panel: the password to Kristie Rae Gillooly’s SmugMug

Contemporary British Fiction: a work period

COLLECT: for people to speak during the COLLECT forum

The APES Turtles: names