Sports Updates: Winter 2018-19

Varsity Squash

Record: 12-1

Captains: Sam G. ’19 and Kelsey A. ’21

Pre-game pump up song: “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max

Favorite memory: Using the new ball machine


JV 2 Squash

Record: 5-2-1

Captain: n/a

Pre-game pump up song: “Gas Pedal” by Sage the Gemini

Favorite memory: Creating cheers


Varsity Basketball

Record: 9-5

Captains: Emily H. ’19 and Michaela S. ’20

Pre-game pump up song: “Uproar” by Lil Wayne

Favorite memory: Holiday tournament and beating Portsmouth


JV Basketball

Record: 7-8

Captains: Caroline B. ’19 and Amita S. ’19

Pre-game pump up song: “Money”  by Cardi B

Favorite memory: Team breakfasts



Record: 7-0

Captains: Lettie C. ’19, Fiona D. ’19, and Julie W. ’19

Pre-game pump up song: “2 Minutes of Silence: The Intimidation Float”

Favorite memory: Being undefeated


Varsity Ice Hockey

Record: 7-3-1

Captains: Talia W. ’19, Amanda F. ’19, and Sophia C. ’20

Pre-game pump up song: “Million Bucks” by Cimorelli

Favorite memory: Playing in the Portsmouth Abbey Holiday Tournament and beating Portsmouth in the last game there