Winsor Varsity Squash Earns Tenth Place Finish at Nationals

By, Rani B. ’21

On February 1, you were probably sitting in class waiting for the weekend to come, almost to the point of snoozing off during math class. However, nine of your fellow friends and classmates were, in fact, doing the exact opposite and were full of excitement and adrenaline as they headed to the 2019 HEAD High School Squash Nationals at Westminster School in Connecticut. The top eight players from Winsor Varsity Squash were in attendance as well as one of the varsity captains Sam G. ’19. Winsor participates in the championship bracket every year, however, our division changes based on how we do in the regular season. Co-captain Sam noted that “this year is very exciting because Winsor has moved up 2 divisions since last year (from Division 4 to Division 2)!” Co-captain Kelsey A. ’21 and Tia S. ’22 both commented that “one of their favorite moments of nationals was bonding with the team.” The team had fun bonding through team dinners and dressing up in black with braids.

Winsor faced off against Milton Academy and won three out of their seven matches, but Milton prevailed winning four out of the seven matches, with a final score of 4-3. However, Winsor went on to beat the Nichols School and then the Baldwin School, winning 2-5 and 4-3 respectively. Unfortunately, Winsor met a tough opponent in the Groton School and lost to them 4-3. Winsor ended up getting 10th place in Nationals.

Winsor Varsity Squash also had a huge accomplishment this winter and won the EIL Championship for the 10th year in a row, an amazing feat!