Athlete Highlight: Michaela S. ’20 Scores 1,000 Points

By, Caroline C. ’21

Earlier this season, on February 2, Michaela S. ‘20 scored her 1000th point for the Winsor Basketball team in a game against Groton in which she scored a total of 24 points. Michaela has been on the Winsor Varsity Basketball team since the 2016-2017 season, earning EIL All-League honors for both her freshman and sophomore year. As a junior, she is now averaging 21.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 2 steals per game.

“Scoring 1000 points on my high school varsity team has been one of my biggest goals, even when I started basketball,” Michaela commented. Achieving her goal as a junior made it even more exciting. Michaela started basketball in first grade and is extremely grateful for all the coaches and teams she has had throughout her years of playing basketball. Michaela praised the Winsor basketball team, saying, “My Winsor team and coaches are great, and I’m so lucky to have them.”  

Michaela was the third member of the Winsor community to hit this 1000 point milestone, following Alina B. ’18 and Emily W. ’09. Her 1000th point was recorded on a free throw, and gameplay stopped for a few minutes to celebrate her accomplishment with fans and teammates. Later that day, the social medias of other members of the team erupted, congratulating Michaela on this milestone. Eve L. ’21, another member of the basketball team commented, “She is a real role model for me. She understands the game and is really fun to play with.” Furthermore, Ms. R., the head coach of the Winsor team, referred to Michaela as a “joy to coach” and stated that her “passion for the game is infectious.” Michaela and the rest of the Winsor basketball team finished 4th in the EIL and had a 9-5 record in the league.   

Congratulations Michaela on 1000 points, and we cannot wait to see what you do next year!