Winsor Urban Dictionary

By Becca G. ’21 and Helen BG. ’21

Are you new to the Winsor community? Are you still working on ‘fit- ting in?’ Do you wander about the halls, overhearing snippets of your fellow stu- dent’s conversations, wondering what they mean by “icwe?” Well, for the first time ever, we, your beautiful backpage editors, bring to you, the students of this wonderful and sometimes very strange school, the WINSOR URBAN DICTIONARY!!!!!!

“I have a chem test” — I’m about to burst into tears.
“You want to go to Nero during break?” — I have an addiction, and I’m asking for help. “So what class did you have?” — I don’t really know you, but I feel like I have to make conversation…
“New York Times Daily Mini Crossword” — I’m bored in class and have run out of things to do on my computer, and this makes me feel smart.
“Can we go work in the library?” — Let’s go watch The Lion King in that little ‘study room’ and procrastinate writing our papers!
“ICWE” Ms. Buhl forever impressing our young, class two selves that it’s not just an assignment, it’s an Experience.
“Sleep” — we’re actually not sure…