Dessert Duel at TimeOut Market

By Natalie P. and Ashley X. ’22

Love dessert? Feeling lost ever since the Emack and Bolio’s in Fenway closed down? Want to have dairy in your iced products instead of vegan Fomu? Don’t worry, we tried a couple of dessert places so you don’t have to!

TimeOut Market has two dessert options: Union Square Donuts and Gelato & Chill. From Union Square Donuts we got a pumpkin spice donut. The brioche dough of the donut was light and fluffy and it had a sweet pumpkin glaze. We found it difficult to taste the pumpkin flavor in the donut, but it tasted fresher than Dunkin’s pumpkin donut. In addition, the restaurant’s leaf and fairy light decorations and chalk drawings on the menu created a cute and cozy atmosphere.  

From Gelato & Chill, we tried the mango sorbet and espresso gelato. Right off the bat, we noticed that the sorbet and gelato both had a much more intense flavor than the pumpkin flavor in the donut. The flavors tasted fresh, vibrant, and not artificial. In addition, they came with mini waffle cones, which paired perfectly with the espresso, but not so much with the mango. However, the pricing was much more expensive than other ice cream or gelato places. To our disappointment, the small size is around the same price as the small size from JP Licks, but was only half as big since there was a fake bottom in the cup. Overall, while Union Square Donuts is a better deal in terms of cost, Gelato & Chill has the better-tasting desert.