Our Arts Staff Recommends: Our Favorite Holiday Movies

On a cold December night during winter break, one fun activity to do is watch a movie. Luckily, with the holidays just around the corner, there are many more movie possibilities added into the mix. Sometimes the large quantities of holiday movies can be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few suggestions to add to your list this year:

Last Christmas

The newest Christmas movie to come to theaters, this movie seems to be your classic rom-com. The main couple is played by Henry Goulding from Crazy Rich Asians and Emilia Clark from the popular TV series The Game of Thrones. While the movie appears to be your typical, happy, feel-good romcom, there is a major unexpected plot twist (which I won’t spoil) that truly makes this movie a great one to watch this holiday season. 

Love Actually

This British film follows eight very different couples with different family structures around Christmas time. While each story has its own riveting plot line and the different plot lines manage to intertwine themselves at some points, all of the stories are related to love and its power to connect different people. It is a heartwarming, very funny film that will get everybody laughing this holiday season. 

Miracle on 34th Street

A classic holiday movie, this movie is an older one, involving a man who is hired to play Santa after the usual Santa gets drunk. He ends up being such a good Santa that he gets hired permanently to work at Macys’ flagship store and is so convincing that even when kids, such as the deuteragonist Susan, confront him about not being the true Santa, he continuously stands by the fact that he is. This assertion leads to problems for him, as people begin to think that he is medically insane. This film is very well done and is the perfect movie to watch when you want to go back to a true classic. 

The Holiday

Another Christmas rom-com, The Holiday, features two ladies who feel like they need a change in their lives. One lives in LA and the other lives in a small town in England, and they end up doing a house swap. It’s a complete lifestyle change for both of them, but they both unexpectedly end up  finding their perfect partner… It’s an interesting holiday movie that looks at the idea of how a completely different life could affect who you are.  

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

In this hilarious comedy movie, the Griswold family wants to have the perfect family, so they try to plan out their holiday season to make their lives easier. Unexpectedly, their extended family shows up and decides to start living in a trailer on their property. With all of the crazy extended family around, many plans and events go awry, leading to a series of funny but unfortunate events. This movie will have the whole family laughing so it is the perfect movie to get everyone in the holiday spirit.