Fall Sports Recap: COVID Edition

By Evie W. ’22

Even with COVID-19 restrictions, Winsor sports teams have rallied and found ways to practice, scrimmage, and unite as a team- even from six feet away. The fall season brings soccer, field hockey, volleyball, crew, and cross country to the Winsor athletic scene, all of which are conducting a  hybrid of virtual and on-campus practices. 

Soccer, field hockey, and volleyball are all finding ways to work together and build a strong team despite the circumstances. According to Tia S. ‘22, the soccer teams have virtual practices and fitness training Monday through Wednesday and in-person practices on Thursday and Friday. She explained, “even though we don’t have any real games this season, we are taking advantage of the opportunity and building back up from the basics and our foundation as a team.” Field hockey has a similar set up, with phase two of restrictions allowing 2v2 and 3v3 scrimmages between the team. Though the EIL season was officially cancelled, Lexi P. ‘22 shared that there’s still the possibility of some scrimmages with other schools, depending on how the season progresses, and the team’s spirits remain high. Aleksaundra H. ‘22 explained that the theme of in-person practices and virtual fitness training continues with the volleyball team, even including “virtual fitness training with Mr. Newell on Wednesday.” Fun!

It seems as if the same can be said of the Winsor Cross Country (XC) team. While they usually have an overnight preseason camp and 5k races against other schools, plans have changed, but their spirits haven’t been dampened. The team has been split into three training groups, each practicing two to three times a week at off campus locations. Even with the team split up (literally), full-team Zoom meetings with core circuits and conversation keep the team united. On September 25, XC teams from competing schools each raced in Franklin Park, socially distanced and with masks, and their times were recorded by the end of the weekend to declare a winner. Claire A. ‘22, explained, “It certainly has been a logistical effort but the coaches and team are very committed to having a great season!” 

Finally, the Winsor crew team has taken what they learned about virtual practices this past Spring and committed to making the team the best it can be. Monday through Wednesday, there are virtual core workouts in the afternoon, and Thursday and Friday there are in-person practices. Additionally, there are optional morning or afternoon practices on the water in singles throughout the school week. Ava H. ‘22, appreciates that “despite the uncertainty of the season, the captains and coaches have been very organized and have looked to accommodate the whole team.” No matter the sport, COVID-19 can’t keep Winsor teams from working hard and working together, and if we can stay united from six feet away, we can stay united anywhere.