Friday Night Lights Energizes Winsor’s Arts Scene

By Jessica W. ’22 (Image by Emily H. ’22)

Welcome back to the school year! With a new hybrid system and social distancing rules on campus, at times, we may feel isolated or simply bored. But do not fear- the Winsor dance community has overcome the challenge by creating a performance platform, Friday Night Live, that allows us to connect and enjoy each other’s talents and virtual presence. From artwork displays to musical performances to wholesome photos of pets, Friday Night Live is sure to put a smile on your face and reward you for another productive week of school! I sat down with one of the dance captains, Emily H. ’22, to get some insider information about the fantastic FNL.

What was the inspiration to start FNL?

Because of the limited dance and community opportunities this year, we really wanted to create something that would showcase the talents in the Winsor community while providing a comfortable and relaxing space. We took inspiration from a lot of nightly talk shows, and as a result, Friday Night Live was born!

How do you guys prepare for FNL? 

First, we planned when would be the best times for the shows to be hosted, how we would coordinate them, and how we would advertise our program. The dance captains split themselves into different roles. For instance, I was in charge of creating the poster and collecting artwork pieces, while the other dance captains were in charge of different tasks, such as managing the dance Instagram and creating the presentation.

Can you describe the behind the scenes process for FNL?

We first review the submissions and see what it is that they entail. Then, we plan which clips should go in what order with a goal to really set the mood. The hosts for that week’s show will make a very loose script to just get an overall feeling of the program. Then, Ms. McKinely creates the video, there’s a dress rehearsal, and we promote the show to the Winsor community (you may have seen our posters!), and it’s game day! 

What has been your favorite performance thus far?

My favorite part of last week’s show would probably be the US rock band performance of Résistiré! It was really inspirational and moving, everyone is so talented and they did such a fantastic job. 

What are some clips you would like to see in the future?

I personally would like to see more skits in the future since I especially love those. It would also be great to get some singing in our program. Any singers out there? We wholeheartedly encourage all of the Winsor community to participate!

Thanks, Emily, for the details! Friday Night Live is a wonderful and entertaining platform for us to stay connected and enjoy each other’s talents. As Jenni V. ’22 remarks, “FNL is an event I didn’t realize we needed until it was introduced this year. It is the perfect space for us to come together to support and cheer each other on!” If you find yourself available on a Friday night when FNL is happening and want to admire the extraordinary talents of the Winsor community, please consider stopping by! And likewise, if you would like to share your gifts with the community, we’d be beyond grateful and excited to see it. The next FNL is this Friday, October 9 from 7 to 8 pm.