A Look into Ms. Reynolds’ Life Before Winsor

By Alex G. ’21

Winsor students know Ms. Reynolds as a supportive math teacher, coach, and advisor, but what did she do before coming to teach at Winsor? And how did she ultimately end up at 103 Pilgrim Rd? 

After getting a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science, Ms. Reynolds went to work at Raytheon Corporation as a software engineer. There, Ms. Reynolds worked in the Missile Systems Division writing missile simulation software and managing launch-site databases for eight years. During the Gulf War, the US military used a missile that Ms. Reynolds and her coworkers developed. The missile, the Patriot, was designed to “launch from the ground and intercept incoming missiles in the air before they could reach their targets.” Despite having only been tested in a simulated environment prior to the US military’s utilization of the missile, the Patriot was “highly successful in stopping Iraqi missiles” during the Gulf War. Though this work was both fascinating and important, Ms. Reynolds was drawn back to school to become a teacher and now says, “Being a teacher and coach is much more exciting to me.”

Ms. Reynolds earned a master’s degree in education and was then hired as a math and science teacher by the high school she attended. For seventeen years, she was a teacher, coach, and administrator at that high school until “a series of highly unlikely events somehow came together and paved my way to Pilgrim Road,” said Ms. Reynolds. “Getting hired at Winsor was life changing and I could not be more grateful to teach and coach here.”