Club Feature: Winsor Political Action Club

By Emily Lutzker

The Winsor Political Action Club, also known as WPAC, is an Upper School club that explores current political issues through speakers and discussions. The current heads are Olivia Hochberg ’23, Meredith Tangney ’23, and Caroline Friendly ’23. During club meetings, speaker presentations on issues ranging from abortion to inflation are followed up by club-wide discussions to solidify members’ understanding of these topics and unpack their own opinions. It is “one of the best clubs a Winsor student interested in politics or current events can participate in,” according to Nika Bigelow ’25, a member of the club. 

In an effort to ensure that the club is a safe space where everyone’s voices are valued, the WPAC heads try to keep the club bipartisan. Many of the speakers are found through personal and club connections, so showcasing a diversity of opinions is not always the easiest. However, it is not impossible: in November 2021, a meeting with Dr. Alice Mark, the former medical director at the National Abortion Federation, was followed by a discussion with the Stars for Life Club, a pro-life club at an all-girls school in Kansas City, Missouri. Unlike many WPAC members, the Stars for Life Club is anti-abortion, but many members of both clubs had similar pro-gun control and anti-death penalty philosophies. To keep the discussion positive and collaborative, the heads emphasized the value of respectful disagreement to prepare members. This combination of meetings is just one example of the club’s efforts to be bipartisan. 

WPAC isn’t just a great place to learn about politics; it’s also an amazing way to hear from many different people with different perspectives. Hochberg says that her favorite part of the club is “hearing from really interesting people… It’s really cool to have these people who offer so much of a voice in our society and our culture”. These engaging speakers include George O’Toole Jr, a United States Federal judge who presided over the Boston Marathon bombing trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and Dr. Jason Furman, a Harvard professor of economics who is also a former chair of the Council of Economic Advisors under President Obama. As Maddie Cheng ’25 puts it, “WPAC really emphasizes expanding one’s worldview outside of the ‘Winsor bubble’”.

If you are interested in learning more about politics or discussing current issues, WPAC’s heads encourage you to join their meetings! You can find them during lunch on Day 4 in room 204.