Spotify Playlist of the Issue: Fabulous February

By Gigi Chu and Izzy Fan

February brings both new discoveries and old favorites. Here are some of our fabulous picks for this month’s Playlist of the Issue– we hope you find something to love about these songs! 

Playlist link: 


#1: “Warmth and Shelter” – Secret American

To bring some sunshine to this very snowy season, “Warmth and Shelter” is an upbeat song that will keep you toasty and cheery. The sunny and youthful melody reflects the spirit of the band, a combination of both West and East coasts in California’s Derek Krzywicki and Pennsylvania’s Todd Mecaughney. A gorgeous blend of retro-pop-rock fusion, this track is the carefree bliss of a day off and weekend get-togethers. 

#2: “Blue” – Far Caspian

There are too many great things to say about Far Caspian. Coming from their 2018 EP “Better Days,” “Blue” is wistful and dreamy. A concoction of potent wonder, the song reflects small puddles of sunlight spilled through windows and cross country drives along the coast. Far Caspian remains a forever favorite, reminiscent of summer holidays and sun-soaked days of glorious afternoon naps by the glistening blue sea. 


#1: “Good Luck” – Dijon

“Good Luck” is the perfect song to keep you company late into the depths of a cold wintery evening. Dijon’s deep, soothing vocals let the listener dissolve into a feeling of warmth and comfort, while the accompanying piano chords color this sentiment with a twinge of regret. At first, the brevity of this song might strike you as unsatisfying, but after a few more listens, the feeling of wanting the song to go on for just a bit longer makes it all the much better. Within one minute and 15 seconds, Dijon constructs a beautiful arc to this track, as his lyrics leave the listener with a sense of closure but also a longing for more. 

#2: “Surefire” – Wilderaldo 

I originally discovered this song around the beginning of the school year and ended up listening to it just a few times before promptly forgetting about it. Somehow, Spotify thought to remind me of it a few weeks ago, and its melody emerged from the depths of my mind and washed over me like a forgotten memory. Like a favorite childhood book (huge plug for Goodnight Moon) or the smell of your laundry detergent, “Surefire” is the relaxed comfort of sinking into the familiar. Wilderaldo’s smooth vocals and the continuous strum of his guitar chords will allow you to slip into a blissful sense of ease.