Winsor MUN Team Recounts Memorable BosMUN Moments

By Natalie Pan

For most Winsor students, the snow day on Friday, February 4 promised a long, relaxing weekend and a break from school activities. However, for 40 students in the Upper School, Friday was only the first day of the three-day Boston Invitational Model United Nations XXI (BosMUN) conference, which was hosted by Boston University undergraduates. The Winsor MUN team was joined by over 1,500 high school students from around the nation at Boston Marriott Copley Place. Delegates debated topics ranging from women’s rights to the Italian-American mafia. Below, team members share their favorite memories of the experience! 

Which committee were you in, and what was your position?

Golde Umlas ’22: I was in the crisis committee Nova Corps from Marvel, and I played a Marvel character named Commander Iraní Raela. We were trying to stop the war between the Nova and the Kree Empire. I know it sounds very nerdy, but I had absolutely no prior knowledge of the subject, and it still ended up being super fun.

Allison Chan ’23: Instead of modeling a subcommittee of the United Nations, my committee was a historical crisis committee about the 1965-1970 Delano grape strikes in California. Each delegate had to assume the role of a person present in that movement. My character was Benjamin Gines, a leader advocating for better working conditions. 

Anaya Raikar ’25: My committee was the International Trade Organization (ITO). I represented Russia, and we focused on protectionism, trade disputes, and sustainability in trade. 

What was the funniest thing that happened at BosMUN?

Umlas: Our committee had several assassination attempts (one by a poisonous spider) that the group as a whole did not have any knowledge about till the end of the conference.

Chan: Other delegates had some creative ideas- people tried to spread false rumors about each other, secede Alaska from the USA, and start underground chicken fighting rings.

Raikar: We had to sprint down Newbury Street in our heels after getting our boba orders so that we wouldn’t be late for our next committee session. Thankfully, we made it in time!

What is your favorite memory of the conference?

Umlas: My favorite memory from the conference was meeting new people and playing musical chairs with the whole club.

Chan: When our committee finished up, we got to “storm” into another committee that was in the middle of debate. 

Raikar: I had fun getting ramen with the other delegates in my committee during lunch. I got to know them better, not just as ambassadors to nations, but also as people.

What is something you learned from BosMUN?

Umlas: One thing I learned from the conference (that is apparent in a lot of other situations as well) is that outside of Winsor, there is a much greater diversity of opinions. Also, there are many people who do not have a problem talking over you or stealing your idea without giving you credit. But if MUN has taught me anything over the last four years, it is that you are just as capable as other people, and you just need to stand up for yourself.

Chan: I learned a lot about the balance between advocating for my ideas and compromising with others. 

Raikar: BosMUN was my first ever in-person conference! I learned a bunch about international economic relations and how to not yell at people I disagreed with (diplomacy!).

What would you say to students looking to join MUN?

Umlas: If you are looking to practice public speaking and research, meet new friends from around the globe, proliferate puns, and gain leadership experience, then MUN is definitely the club for you! Please join! We’d love to have you, and I am always available to talk or answer any questions you may have!

Chan: Join! It might be intimidating, but the conference is so rewarding and a lot of fun.

Raikar: You’ll learn plenty of lifelong skills, including public speaking, writing, research, and diplomacy. Be prepared for a LOT of writing, though! 

Regardless of delegates’ experience levels, BosMUN was a great opportunity for Winsor students to practice public speaking, make new friends, and learn about pressing world issues. We would like to thank Ms. Holland and Ms. Martin for chaperoning the conference and making this amazing in-person event possible!

The responses in this interview have been edited for brevity and clarity.