Halloween Ideas

By Christina Monroe

’Tis the season to be spooky! It is now October, which means that the holiday season is officially upon us. You know what that means. It’s time to let all paralyzing thoughts of that excruciating math test you have-next week or that English paper due next period subside for just a few moments, and allow yourself to fully appreciate the spirit of fall. Most importantly, it’s time to think about Halloween. Below are a few random (but creative!) costume ideas to make Halloween a bit more interesting this year.

  1. The first idea that is sure to impress everyone on Halloween night is to dress as any character from Stranger Things. You can dress up as your favorite season four character, most notably, and perhaps creatively, Vecna. Get together with a group of friends and take on Steve, Robin, Max, Lucas, and El to create your own little Hawkins on Halloween night.
  2. Live out your Bridgerton dreams this Halloween with puff skirts and corsets! The beautiful Kate Sharma, the formidable Lady Danbury, or the legendary Eloise would make incredible costumes. A Bridgerton-themed party with some of their signature pop music gone classical playing in the background could make for a very interesting Halloween night!
  3. And finally, one of the most iconic internet trends of this past year: Wordle. Or Nerdle. Or Octordle? The list goes on. This costume requires perhaps a bit more DIY effort than some of our other options here, but creating your own Wordle costume is a fun and engaging way to get others to participate in your Halloween costume. Maybe they can even guess your Word! 

We wish you a wonderful spooky season this fall! Spend some quality time with your friends and live out the Halloween costume of your dreams.