New Clubs: The Music Club

By Elyse Hychong

This year, returning Upper School students may have noticed some new additions to Winsor’s clubs, including Music Club. Music Club started making a name for itself right away by handing out full-sized Cadbury chocolate bars at last month’s club fair.

According to Club Head Paige Whalen ’24, while there is a lot of opportunity at Winsor to learn about music in a classroom setting, there is not a space for music lovers to come together and talk about music. Music Club aims to provide that space for the Winsor community. 

However, Music Club faced challenges in finding a time to meet. With an increase in clubs this year, more groups have to meet after-school or operate as semester-long clubs. Music club was originally only approved for after-school, but after coordinating with faculty and collecting more members, it was able to move to lunch time on Day 6.  

At past meetings, Music Club listened to songs members liked and interpretively painted to them. These songs included “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky and also the Pink Panther theme. Paige noted that “Music Club is unique in that there’s such a broad variety of genres.” Future meetings will involve more music-related activities including instrument swaps and playing Halloween-themed music like “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

Music Club member Maggie McDonald ’26 commented, “I love Music Club! It’s so fun, from Twosetviolin to the snacks. I’ve only gone a couple times, but I think I’ll keep going for the rest of the year!”

We commend Paige on her hard work in creating Music Club and look forward to what future meetings may hold!