Senior Spotlight

By Katina Handrinos

Senior year is a memorable and bittersweet time for many high school students. With lots of extracurriculars, events, and academics to keep up with, it’s important to take the time to celebrate Winsor’s wonderful seniors. This issue, we are so excited to feature Chloe Chao ’23 as our senior spotlight!

This year is Chao’s fourth year at Winsor. Even though she had never been a part of student government prior to this year, Chao is the Collect president. Chao explained that being a member of Collect has “kind of been a chance to push myself and grow more confident from being in this role. Over time, I realized I would be interested in trying out for one of these leadership roles.” 

Collect has a lot on its plate in terms of planning the Club Fair, Sibling Squad activities, and other logistical aspects of the Upper School. Chao admitted, “The first week was honestly a lot. We did a lot of meetings over the summer to get prepared for the school year but it still hit me more than I expected.” Nevertheless, she feels as though she is balancing her responsibilities well with the help of the Collect team and advisors. 

Chao is also an active member of the theater community at Winsor, and she’s been part of many productions. She has played Meredith in 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress, Oliver Rivers in Puffs, herself in Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, and Odysseus in The Penelopiad, and she will appear as the Countess de Lage in the upcoming fall play The Women. At the top of her list of acting accomplishments, she co-directed Murder Play in the three one-act play festival alongside Ellie Carney ’23. When asked about the Drama program, she said, “Honestly, I could gush and gush about the theater program at Winsor. I just love it so much. I came in as that shy Class V student and theater really helped me build my confidence, find a community within Winsor, and have a creative outlet. I mean, I quit all of my sports to do theater!” Chao is also a member of Illumina and Senior Small and expressed excitement about their upcoming performances and arrangements. 

Thank you, Chloe, for everything you do for the Winsor community, and we cannot wait to see what you do next!