Summary of Class Retreats

By Julia Bae

Among the various Winsor traditions, each grade’s annual retreat is an event that is widely anticipated. A class retreat typically consists of an off-campus activity where students and class advisors are able to bond and spend time together. Most retreats last one school day, although some of the higher grades have overnight retreats. This year, Class V had their retreat at Boundless Adventures, and Class VI spent the day at the New England Aquarium.

In mid-September, the Class V students spent time at Boundless Adventures, which is an outdoor aerial park and ropes course located in Berlin, Massachusetts. Upon their arrival, the ninth graders completed a short orientation, and they then broke into smaller groups and began working through the various courses. The Class Vs managed to make their way through all of the courses; some of the elements they completed included zip lines, floating steps, and suspended ladders. Additionally, the grade enjoyed a lunch provided by Chef Heather and her team, and once they returned to Winsor, Class V students also had a pizza party in the courtyard. The Class V retreat served as a nice break from the school week. Amanda He ‘26 recalled, “My class loved our retreat and being able to spend time together outdoors.”

Meanwhile, the Class VI students spent their retreat at the New England Aquarium, where students worked in advisory groups to complete a scavenger hunt. During lunch, the advisories enjoyed the fresh air outside, and many groups spent the time exploring the streets around the aquarium. Afterward, the students watched a short IMax movie on cephalopods. Class VI then returned to Winsor, where students spent time coloring, chatting, and listening to music with each other before ending the day with pizza in the courtyard. Emily Zhang ‘25, Class VI co-president, commented, “Between the Aquarium, pizza party, and afterschool activities, our grade loved getting the chance to spend time and bond with one another.” 

Overall, both Class V and VI had successful retreats, and each grade enjoyed spending time connecting with their classmates.