Artist of the Issue: Ava Bub

By Ainsley Wang

If you’ve ever been to a Winsor play, chances are that you’ve noticed Ava Bub on stage. Bub has been an actress at Winsor since Class II, when she played Wilbur in Winsor’s production of Charlotte’s Web. Now, in the upcoming play, The Women, she plays the lead role, Mary Haines. No matter when you’ve seen Bub perform, her talent, passion, and dedication to the performing arts is clear. The Banner recently had the pleasure of interviewing her to learn more about her time making art at Winsor.

What type of art do you make?

Honestly, I love and try my hand at all kinds of art, but I’m mostly focused on acting and theater. I also really love to sing and play music on various and sundry random instruments.

How have Winsor acting classes impacted you?

Winsor performing arts classes have really meant everything to me. When I first came to Winsor I had no idea what I was doing, particularly with acting. Through theater classes especially, I’ve been able to learn so much about so many aspects of theatre and really develop a passion for acting. Maybe more importantly, though, I’ve connected with and grown so much closer to amazing classmates through those classes.

What do you enjoy the most about acting and singing?

Acting lets me explore different sides of myself and helps me understand people and relationships. I use what I discover through acting to decide what kind of person I want to be and how I want to interact with other people. Both acting and music also give me a way to express myself and process my emotions. Acting and music also just make me happier than anything else I’ve ever done.

What is your advice to Winsor students wanting to start in the performing arts?

I say just do it. It can be terrifying and it’s definitely easier said than done, but it is absolutely worth it. Take advantage of all of the opportunities you come across and try your best to believe you can do it, because you can. Commitment and passion are so much of the battle with the performing arts; technique and talent will come.

How are you hoping to continue in the performing arts in the future?

I’m planning on studying theater and acting in college, and beyond that we’ll see what happens. My dream is to one day be a successful enough actor that I won’t need another job, so hopefully I work my way to that someday!