Playlist of the Issue: Nourishing November 2022

By Izzy Fan and Gigi Chu

The crisp autumn air and creative college essay prompts bring great inspiration to us and our lovely guest features. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy our November POI!

Izzy: “Moscow” – Autoheart

This song feels like returning to some magical place. It was my roommate’s favorite song over the summer, and she introduced it to me as we sat on her bed listening to this song. The warm vocals and strumming of the guitar take me back to the glow the sunset cast over the room and the sense of bliss I felt in that pocket of time. 

Gigi: “September Song” – Agnes Obel

While we are no longer in the month of September, Obel’s piano piece “September Song” is a dreamy brew of lost nostalgia that evokes the inky nights of November. The soft melody crafts a backdrop for your New England road trip across undulating hills and through flurries of deep red leaves, or for your rainy, candle-lit afternoon by the fireplace. 

Special features: To celebrate our last fall at school, this issue’s special feature is our very own class of 2023! Here are some recent songs that our 23niors have been listening to.

Amory Gordon: “Purple Lamborghini” – Skrillex, Rick Ross

  • “Because it makes a good hype video!” 

Austin Forrester: “Magic” – Coldplay

  • “Because it’s great for carpool karaoke.” 

Nicole Hwang: “Future Me Hates Me” – The Beths

“This is a great song to listen to when you’re in the mood for something rock-y because there’s some strong guitar. One time Caroline Shin ’23 and I were sharing AirPods and I started playing this. Initially she was taken aback by how energetic it was (she was trying to sleep) but by the end she had put it on her monthly playlist. 💅”

Sora Karanja: “Last Train at 25 O’clock” – Lamp

“I love this song because it has really good vibes but is also easy to relax to.”

Clara Eikeboom: “Big Ideas” – Arctic Monkeys

“The song is beautiful, especially the accompanying violin. Lyrically, Big Ideas touches on the themes of nostalgia and expectations. I am also really fond of the electric guitar solo!”

Coco Fitzmaurice: “Clair de Lune” – Claude Debussy

“Most people know “Clair de Lune” but the simplicity of this song’s instruments and melodies create a calming mood with deliberate pauses and dramatic crescendos.”