New – Arts & Crafts Stations at UTL!

By Lily Levitzky

At Under the Lights, you likely saw, or even participated in, SAFA’s many creative art stations.  SAFA, or the Student Association for Fine Arts, planned many artistic activities including wildcat tattoos, face painting, and spin art. Not only did students enjoy the activities, but many teachers participated as well. 

The face painting was a huge success, especially for the Lower School students. Many young ones stepped up and asked for facepaint: anything from volleyballs, wildcat paw prints, the Winsor “W”, and even pumpkins, added to the fall spirit. At the spin art station, students and teachers squirted paint onto a paper inside a salad spinner. The paint then created an incredible tie-dye design, and SAFA members took them outside to dry. If you have walked past the chorus room, you have probably seen all the wonderful art on the table waiting for owners to claim them. 

Meanwhile, school photographer Kristie Rae took lots of photos—keep an eye on the Winsor website, you may see a SAFA UTL feature there soon. Lexi Pascucci ’26, says, “I had so much fun doing face painting and art with SAFA and hope to do it again next year!”

We hope to continue this tradition of art stations at UTL in the future. The stations kept our school spirit high and provided extra entertainment to an already incredibly fun day. Chloe Chao ‘23, wanted to provide Lower School students with accessible activities, especially for Class Is who don’t play Winsor sports. The club hoped to bring the Winsor community closer together with their creative art stations.Thank you to Gigi Chu ’23, Chloe Chao ‘23, and Ella Pascucci ’23, the heads of SAFA, for planning and executing this wonderful addition to UTL!