Artist Alumni Spotlight: Audrey Wu

By Liana Min and Kelly Yin

Composer and performer Audrey Wu ’19, who is in her third year at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, majors in composition and minors in conducting. She has created music for performers ranging from choruses to ensembles such as the Phildephia Orchestra. Recently, The Banner had the pleasure of speaking with her. 

How did Winsor impact your decision to pursue music?

During my time at Winsor, I stage-managed, directed, acted, performed, sang, composed, built, designed—the fact that I was encouraged to move freely between artistic fields was very rare and special. 

It was hugely important for me to have friends and classmates who were also passionate about the arts, and I am extremely grateful for how we were taken seriously not simply as students, but as artists.

Other aspects of Winsor were equally important; understanding the role that my creative output played in the wider socio-political sphere was essential. 

What would you say to Winsor students looking to pursue music?

Take the leap and stand your ground; it can be terrifying [but] also gratifying, rewarding, and inspiring to make the music you want to create.

Practice your art based on what you are interested in, and not what you feel is “correct” or “intellectual.” I continue to struggle with this—but you have to bring yourself back to your musical roots and self-confidence. 

Go somewhere that nurtures you and your artistic interests. Be around people who respect your work and your creativity.

Especially studying in a PWI and in a male-dominated profession, I often [feel] the urge to question whether my art is valid. However, you have an artistic voice to bring to the table. Your music matters. It has a place in this world. 

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I am currently working on a concert with the Britten Serenade. In the future, I would like to create more electronic works—and hopefully release my own electroacoustic music in a recorded medium. 

What do you miss about Winsor? 

The people. I miss being around people who are so loving, kind, loyal, brilliant, and passionate. I miss the friends and classmates and teachers who had this everlasting belief and faith in me and my music; it is such a special thing to have that kind of support, and I will be grateful for it forever. 

We greatly appreciated Audrey Wu’s inspiring responses and hope she will return to Winsor and perform for us.