Belmont Hill Vs. Winsor Students: What Do They Bring on Their Commutes?

By Emma Birdsong and Brady Paquette

Emma Birdsong is a Class V at Winsor, and Brady Paquette is a sophomore at Belmont Hill. What is different -and similar- about their commutes to school?

How long is your usual commute to school?

Emma: About an hour and 10 minutes to an hour and 40 minutes.

Brady: Anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

What transportation do you usually take to get to school?

Emma: I usually take some combination of a car and the commuter rail, as well as riding on the public bus. Sometimes I’ll take a shuttle instead of a bus. 

Brady: I usually take either a bike and then a bus or a car and then a bus.

What do you usually bring to school for your commute? 

Emma:  Hmmm… Well, I bring a lot of things. I have my school stuff—a computer, notebooks, pens, earbuds, books, etc.—but then I’ll also have my sports stuff and sheet music. I usually bring a mini umbrella and a light rain jacket (just in case) as well as a hairbrush (just in case).

Brady: Usually, I’ll bring my backpack and my sports bag. In my backpack, I have my laptop, my tangled wired headphones that I untangle every day on the bus, my notebooks, my folders, and my English book that I read and “annotate” on the bus. Most of the time, I’ll leave my sports stuff at school.  

How long does it take you to get ready for school? 

Emma: It usually takes about 25 minutes. Then I have to eat breakfast, but since I always take longer than I plan to—or can’t help but snatch that extra five minutes of sleep—I frequently end up eating it on the go. It all works out though.

Brady: My bus comes at 7:00 am. I wake up at 6:50 am, and I’m out the door by 6:55 am. Taking a shower is also a necessity for morning routines. Morning showers over night showers any day of the week.


Emma: Although everyone may not have a super long commute, every student ends up going through some type of adventure to and from school. I think it’s really interesting how everybody goes through something different but we all end up arriving at the same place.

Brady: For Belmont Hill students, arriving at school plays a big part in everyone’s day-to-day routine. I think we have to recognize how different the daily morning routine is for the people that live here on campus. Overall, the commute to school is more than just a drive or a bus ride; it is a crucial part of everyone’s day.