Rating the Winsor Bathrooms

By Isabelle Fan and Ivy Eastland

Now that your dearest backpage editors are finally seniors, we can say that we know just about everything there is to know about Winsor: the best places to study, the softest couches to nap on, and, of course, the best (and worst) bathrooms to use. Without further ado, here is our rating of the most iconic Winsor bathrooms, from least smelly to most! 

Bathroom near college counseling office: This one is a work of art. It has been remodeled not once but twice in the past two years and flaunts the most advanced stylization of all the Winsor bathrooms, sporting a beautifully tiled floor and red hot (!) stalls that add a little bit of spice to this retro-modern look. Luxury at its finest.

Single stall bathroom near LOC theater: This bathroom has caused some friction between us. While Izzy thinks that this one-stall wonder is often quite foul (every Upper Schooler who frequents the LOC couches uses it during their frees), this bathroom is Ivy’s favorite place at Winsor. The futuristic lock on the door, the tiled floor, the HUGE, perfectly-lit mirror? What is there not to love? 

Bathrooms near iLab: A real hit or miss. While they’re spacious and well-lit, the liberal use of Febreeze in these bathrooms can be quite overpowering. Sniff check is definitely recommended before you go inside. 

Lunch hallway bathroom: These bathrooms have one main problem that leads to a myriad of others: overpopulation. It’s the most accessible bathroom for students at lunch and in class—good luck trying to get a dookie in before lunchtime if you’re not ready to wait in line for ten minutes.  

Science wing bathrooms: Some of the worst smells can be found in this bathroom. The fumes from the cafeteria often float up and combine with some not-so-delicious fumes to cook up a gas so noxious it might just be a chemical hazard. One of the toilets is also missing half of its bowl, but that just adds to the charm.