Second Semester Arts Courses

By Julia Bae

The transition between semesters means many things: new clubs start, the math exam is over (much to the excitement of many students), and, perhaps most notably, students embark on new second semester classes. While only juniors and seniors change their English and History electives, students in all grades are able to take semester-long arts classes.

Within the Visual Arts, there are several second semester classes spanning many disciplines and levels. Digital Photography teaches the technical features of cameras, composition rules, and the basics of Photoshop. After this course is Further Explorations in Digital Photography, where students focus on the compositional development of images and learn more editing skills in Photoshop. Amber Lan ‘25 commented on the more advanced nature of the course, saying, “I’m excited to build on what I learned last year and explore more with my own style.” 

Painting Studio is also offered in the spring, and this open elective teaches pastel and oil painting as well as composition and drawing basics. There are also ceramics classes offered. Ceramics: Wheel Throwing teaches the skills to form bowls, plates, and cylinders as well as glazing and altering the texture of pieces. In addition, Further Explorations in Wheel Throwing is open to those who have already taken Wheel Throwing. Lastly, Advanced Portfolio Development is designed for students who are already well-versed in a medium of art and wish to build a portfolio of their work. 

Second semester Performing Arts courses fall into the categories of dance, theater, and music. Dance Team is an audition-based elective, and students experiment with various genres of dance, including contemporary and pop, as well as choreography. Acting II is the second-level acting class, and it allows students to enhance their skills through exercises and performances of multiple genres of plays. Theater Design teaches technical skills like working the sound booth and creating stage sets, and students implement these skills during assemblies and concerts. Alongside dance and theater, there are also a myriad of music options available. 

Hits, Gigs, and Records is a voice class for students interested in improving their singing, and Music Production teaches students to create and technically manipulate their own songs. Chamber Players is open to musicians who play string, wind, and percussion instruments, and their ensemble performs both at and outside Winsor. Finally, Advanced Rock On is a band of talented musicians who perform both instrumentally and vocally. Kenna Schnieder ’25, a student in this class, explained that, in addition to the opportunities to perform, “Rock On has been very helpful with working on ear training, music theory, and song composition as well as the experience of playing in a band.”

Second semester arts classes provide students with opportunities to develop artistically. Examples of student creative work can be found in the performances during assemblies as well as in the artwork adorning the halls.