Spot The Red Flags: Palentine’s Day Movie Night!

By Camille Eckert 

Love Valentine’s Day, but don’t have a partner to spend it with? Ask a friend to be your Palentine! Winsor students had the opportunity to enjoy a Peer Support Organized Movie Night on February 10. They screened The Devil Wears Prada, a 2006 comedy-drama about Andy (Anne Hathaway) and her struggle to fit into her new job as the assistant to high-profile magazine editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). Due to Priestly’s demands, Andy’s social life falters, and she must navigate friendship strife, a toxic boss, an unsupportive work environment, and an identity crisis. 

Students were given actual red flags to wave when a toxic friendship, relationship, or workplace situation arose throughout the film, an event that happened often. This movie night was Peer Support’s first event of the year and first-ever Valentine’s-themed event. Peer support member Grace Destefano ’24 said, “Not only did we come together as a community to enjoy the film, but we also identified and learned about how not to follow the character’s examples of ‘red flag’ behavior.” 

At certain moments, Peer Support paused the film and had open discussions about the negative behaviors shown and what one should do to avoid them. With events like this, students can learn to understand and recognize not only harmful behavior but also positive steps to avoid current and future situations. It’s great that this event allowed Winsor students to socialize with their friends, enjoy the provided pizza and drinks, and enthusiastically wave their flags!