A Window into the Junior Retreat

By Natasha Dalziel

As students approach March break, the promise of two weeks free from homework and early rising serve as a shining light at the end of a dark winter tunnel. For Winsor’s Class VII, this light may shine even brighter as they will be venturing off to Cape Cod for an overnight retreat during the week after March break.

Each year, Winsor students are lucky enough experience a class retreat. Each grade participates in a special activity, including, but not limited to, climbing up mountains, puzzling their way out of escape rooms, and climbing ropes courses. Retreats in Classes I through VI take place in the fall, the perfect time to reacclimate the class, integrate new students, and form stronger connections. But the Junior Retreat differs slightly from those in the previous years, and for important reasons.

As soon-to-be seniors, the spring serves as a perfect time for juniors to prepare for their final year of high school when they will be proud leaders for all of Winsor. Hillary Browne ’24 reflected, “I think our class has gotten a lot closer this year, especially after our legendary cheer victory, so the retreat is coming at the perfect time to get us excited for senior year.”

Presidents of Class VII Deedee Ansari and Natalie Cooper have been hard at work with Class VII Dean Ms. Shannon Calamari-Kirwan to create an experience that the unique group will find fun, productive, and memorable. Cooper reported that, “other than the logistics, which are organized by the school, the presidents are responsible for organizing many of the activities the class will participate in.” 

Activities will range from light-hearted and fun, such as speed dating and a talent show, to a bit more serious and reflective in order to promote strong leadership and teamwork skills. Ansari said, “Considering we will be seniors next year and a lot of us will be taking on more leadership roles, we think it’s important to reflect on what makes a good leader and how we can emulate these qualities.” Additionally, brainstorming senior homeroom themes and defining senior class values are important tasks on the retreat itinerary. 

Overall, the presidents hoped that “everyone has fun and can look back on this retreat fondly!” Reflecting on her own grade’s Junior Retreat, Meredith Tangney ’23 attested to the fact that the retreat “was a great experience to have going into our senior year… it really bonded us as a class.”

So, if you notice the Class of 2024 missing when they have only just returned from break, know that they are embarking on an incredible trip and will return even more prepared to take on our final year at Winsor!