Boston Children’s Hospital: Happy Healthcare

By Paige Fenton

Recently, Boston Children’s Hospital has made strides towards its goal of making healthcare increasingly affordable and accessible for more families in the Boston area. As part of these efforts, the Hospital has a trust fund called The Every Child Fund that holds donations for research and caring for the Hospital’s patients. A trust is a specific type of account that is held by one person or, in this case, a company. The funds, property, or other assets in a trust are obligated to be saved, used, or given to benefit another person. The people who directly benefit from the trust are known as beneficiaries. Boston Children’s Hospital has recently made progress towards a fundraising goal of $825,000 for its trust. So far, it has raised roughly $145,000. Donations and fundraising events are some of the main ways that Boston Children’s Hospital raises money to put towards its trust. 

There are some upcoming fundraiser events for the Hospital, including yoga at Gillette Stadium in April and a walk along the Charles in June. Boston Children’s Hospital has a website where future events as well as the specific details for them can be found. When asked if she would participate in a walk for the hospital’s efforts, Julia Oh ’26 said “yes…I believe in equitable healthcare for everyone.” 

But where does the money in the trust go, and how does it allow for more affordable and accessible healthcare? The money goes toward two main areas: research and medical costs. The focus of said research is medical treatments and care for the hospital’s patients, while medical costs focus on patients’ expenses not covered by insurance, which helps families get the healthcare that they need. The benefits of making healthcare more affordable and accessible are vast and plenty. Maggie McDonald ’26 noted some of these benefits, stating, “Everyone would be safer at all times, and [accessible healthcare] would also be beneficial to the long term health of the economy.” If you are able, consider donating to Boston Children’s Hospital or participating in one of its upcoming events!