Prom Planning 

By Austin Forrester 

As the final snowflakes fall and winter sports wind down, the focus of Winsor’s juniors and seniors shifts from the endless torrent of tests and essays to one specific event on May 6: prom. Laptop screens can be seen with tabs and tabs of prospective prom attire, and homerooms are full of debates over the pros and cons of sneakers vs. heels or bringing a date vs. going solo. The administration has also been working hard behind the scenes to finalize the details of our long-awaited spring dance. 

First, the biggest change from last year: we are splitting from Belmont Hill. Senior Class Dean Mr. Griffin broke the news to the senior class earlier in the winter, informing us that we will no longer spend prom surrounded by Belmont Hill boys and their various dates. While the causes are unconfirmed, many students speculate that this change is the result of our late arrival last year, causing Belmont Hill and their guests to wait a half hour for us to board the boat. Alternatively, it may simply be a reaction to the unfamiliarity between the two schools as a result of COVID, closer friendships with Roxbury Latin, or otherwise.

The news itself was met with mixed reactions. There are fears that the dance will feel too small, and without a good number of people the venue will feel empty and low energy. The other concern is that now students may feel even more pressure to find a date. Emeline Daley ’24 said, “I don’t mind splitting from Belmont Hill, but I think it would be better to have another school involved so that there are more people and there is less stress around finding a date.” 

Anissa Patel ‘23 remarked “We don’t know the seniors at Belmont Hill very well, and our grade is much more familiar with Roxbury Latin, so this guest-only model might be better so that we recognize nearly everyone at the dance.” Roxbury Latin will also host its own prom, so many seniors are looking forward to attending both. It is likely that the two events’ attendees will be very similar, as students have already begun to pair up, planning to attend both proms together. 

The other important change is location. Former Head of the Upper School Ms. Markenson had confirmed that the plan was to alternate each year between a boat and a hotel, but with the split from Belmont Hill, this arrangement has changed. This year, prom will be held at the New England Aquarium. Nicole Hwang ’23 took it upon herself to do some investigating; after questioning Mr. Griffin and Head of the Upper School Ms.  Ramos, Hwang confirmed that Winsor guests and their dates will “be able to visit throughout the exhibits and have access to some of the awesome wildlife.” This opportunity will serve as a nice alternative for those of us who aren’t fans of the dance floor or who may simply need a break from the action.

Despite the changes, many students are looking forward to the iconic event, especially one hopefully free from the COVID absences and post-prom outbreaks of 2022. As Audrey Copeman ’24 noted, “Now I get to see Teddy Lee inside a fish tank at our aquarium prom. It all happened for the best.” One thing’s for sure: it will certainly be a night to remember.