In Memoriam: Lost But Never Found

By Caroline Shin

Abandoned belongings forever remain in our hearts as we enter March Break. 

Black Down Jacket 2020–23

Black down jacket may have blended into the crowd, but it lived its 3 years well. It was packable, lightweight, and insulative. It lay to rest in the lunch cubbies where many others have been claimed by a similar fate. It is survived by an anonymous, very cold owner.

A Singular AirPod 2021–23

“It was so tragic to see it laying there all by itself, like I got a little emotional you know? Someone used to love that thing but now it’s just an empty shell of what it used to be… no purpose, no owner, no life…” (Nicole H. ’23). A singular airpod was found in the art studio last Monday. Its family has shared that it lived a short but adventurous life, passionate about jazz and indie-bubblegum-bedroom-goblincore-rock music. It is survived by its other half: the left AirPod. 

Thin Mints 2023–23

Eaten by Class VIII with the help of the class mouse. “I actually don’t remember buying these, but I think I did. I’m really grateful to the Girl Scouts for making this possible. I think it’s much more economical to support the Girl Scouts over the Boy Scouts. I’m still shocked they sell popcorn for such outrageous prices. I digress, yes the Thin Mints were great. I like to freeze them sometimes” (Vi D. ’23) Forever in our hearts and stomachs.

43 Copies of The Scarlet Letter 1850–2023

Fly high, Dimmsdale. “We did not lose these on purpose, I promise”(Class of 2023). 

Galaxy Leggings 2016–23

Those who were closest to the pair of galaxy printed leggings—found near the Fitness Center— have been experiencing worlds of loss since its passing. The pair of galaxy leggings was known for its charisma and sparkle. It lay in the lost-and-found box for 3 years.  May we forever mourn the bittersweet life of the galaxy leggings—it was inevitable they would leave our lives one day, but it still hurt when they did.