March Crossword

By Emily Lutzker


4. Donna’s singing group in Mamma Mia

5. One of the March zodiac signs

6. Winsor’s robotics team that attended the state competition

7. March 17 honoree

8. Where some students might be going over the break to get some sun

11. Fro-Yo shop that closed 74 locations from 2014 to 2018

12. This year’s senior homeroom theme

14. The ninth and holiest month of the Islamic calendar

15. A new Winsor club prepares students to give a ___

16. The season that begins in March

18. March is ___ History Month

21. Number celebrated in March with a similarly named dessert

23. The school that Winsor Varsity Ice Hockey faced on Senior Day

24. Girl Scout cookies abandoned before March Break

25. One of the main characters of the movie featured in this issue’s review


1. One part of the predecessors to the Panthers and Jaguars, a type of flute

2. With 21-Down, the name of the most well-known groundhog in the US

3. The ___ of March, Caesar’s unlucky day

5. Jewish holiday that will be celebrated on March 6th and 7th this year

8. The most anticipated part of March for most Winsor students

9. The company behind ChatGPT and DALL-E

10. Winsor seniors give these speeches each year

13. A classic murder-mystery board game

17. The last name of the author of the book reviewed in this issue

19. March ___, college basketball tournament

20. The last word of the name of this year’s Class IV Shakespeare play

21. See 2-Down

22. The event in which the Athlete of the Issue broke the EIL meet record

Answer Key: