Peek into Class IV Shakespeare Play

By Abby Whelan

One of the most beloved traditions in the Winsor community is the Class IV Shakespeare play. Every year, Class IVs read and analyze a Shakespeare play in English class, and perform it in front of their families and peers. This year Class IV students have been tasked with William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

Set in 16th-century Italy, the comedy is about two couples, and it includes elements of both humor and romance. When two soldiers, Claudio and Benedick, journey to the town of Messina, they both spark a romance. Claudio and Hero fall instantly in love while Beatrice and Benedick’s initial dislike for each other takes time to blossom into love.                        

Many aspects of the play are student-led. Aside from acting in the play, Class IV students make the costumes, and organize technical and musical elements with the help of theater faculty and Upper School students. Both Mina Feldman ’25 and Olivia Sarkis ’23 are working alongside teachers to help the Class IV students throughout the production process. Sarkis shares that “the process is starting off really well—the IVs are clearly motivated and they’re already bringing great energy to rehearsals! It’s a really fun show to put together and I think the audience is going to love it.” 

Working on the play is a great way for students to bond with each other, and it often becomes a cherished memory in later years. Feldman comments on how “the play is very humorous and funny, but I think the kids can sometimes be a little shy, so part of it is getting them to embrace the humor and feel comfortable being silly and making jokes with each other.”  

Rowan Calhoun ’27 comments, “Shakespeare is so much fun and an amazing bonding experience.” Annabel Jones ’27 shares that “working in our committees can be stressful but so much fun.” Class IVs are currently hard at work, and we cannot wait to see the final product!